Our values

Since its beginning T3 Hospitality Management has been true to its core values among which we would like to point out:

  • Triangle of Success: The working philosophy is based on that theory that balance amongst the three sides of the triangle should be achieved at all times:
    • The investor has to get the highest possible return on their investment
    • The Guest that chooses to stay at one of the hotels operated by T3 Hospitality Management. Hotels is guaranteed the highest level of service and a warm and personal attention.
    • The employee who works in T3 Hospitality Management is happy to be in a work environment where they can develop and grow, with a vision.
  • Transparency Guaranteed: When a hotel owner puts his property in T3 Hospitality Management Hotel’s hands, all data and information related to the exploitation of the hotel is treated with absolute transparency which gives the owner a guarantee of professionalism.